Individualised Youth Development Service

Ever wondered what that next step may look like for you or one of your family members or you are not sure how to start discovering what life after school may look like.

We provide youth with disability (16-30 years) and their families with individualized support, information and advice services to empower a sense of belonging, leadership and connection to your community. Providing information and connections to live a meaningful life.

Life after school and entering the community is a huge journey for everyone, it symbolises a child taking that next step into adulthood. Having someone to help guide you on this journey can make it alot easier. Using a strength-based growth model we will help support you to begin new routines, gain a new sense of independence and ability to navigate the adult system. Discovering your sense of self identity as connect with the right people to support you on this journey.

We will work alongside you to set goals and to support you to navigate the journey into adulthood. By guiding and supporting you to discove your self identity, building connections within your community including study options, volunteering and exploring employment. We do this by empowering you with the skills and navigating the supports that will be available to you.

This service is charged on an hourly rate or through individual service package.

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