About Us

Founded in 2020, youthABLE is a youth development and training social enterprise that works alongside young adults (16 – 30 years old) with a disability to discover, explore and connect them to their self identify and communities. As well as growing communities by providing support and information to individuals, whanau, schools, organizations and businesses to enable young people to discover their full potential.

Our vision is that all people with a disability will have the ability to live a full and barrier free life within their communities. In particular young people are allowed to explore who they are freely and achieve the goals to a meaningful life to them.

We strive to empower individuals and their family to gain a sense of belonging and leadership in their lives leading into adulthood. Being able to identify any accessibility supports that they may require to live a meaningful life. We recognize the important and pressure that this period of time has on all individuals and their families.

To grow our communities to be fully inclusive for all individuals with disabilities in particular young adults with disabilities and those that support their personal and professional development.

We do this by providing a number of individual services and workshops for individuals, groups and business

Photo of Kim Dyball

Founder/Managing Consultant - Kim Dyball

Born in Australian, Kim was born with a herediatory condition that has provided her with many years of varied experiences that come with living with a disability. After completing her Bachelor of Business – Professional Accountancy in 2008, then shortly after moving to New Zealand. She has worked in variety of different sectors including youth development, employment services and organisational development. Being a recipient of the Hamilton City Council 30 under 30 awards in 2017 for her work supporting young people and their families within the youth accessibilty space to discover a meaningful life after school.

Kim has always naturally gravitated to supporting individuals to discovering their full potential and looking for creative solutions to barriers with community both in voluntary and paid positions.

Believing that all individuals are unique and that all supports need to be individualised. An individual ability to discover and explore their unique identity is a crucial phase in all young people lives. Having the opportunity to form your identity as an adult is important particularly when you also need to determine, your identity as a young person has a disability in your community. Being able to be confidence in both your self identity and being able to have the skills to understand and to self advocate to participate within their communities fully. Being able to also educate those within the community about ensuring that their environments are inclusive for all.